Why business continuity management?

Maybe you know that you need a business continuity program and plans but aren't sure how to get started. Let us help you bridge the uncertainty gap. Continuity is something that too many businesses take for granted… until something happens and business comes to a halt or is significantly impaired.

There are those that believe

"We’ll figure it out when we get there"
… as in the grip of one of countless natural and man-made events that can hurt or put an end to a business?

- OR -

"Developing a business continuity program is too expensive and time consuming"
... so they'd rather wait for an event and then be forced to spend untold amounts of money at the worst possible time?

But it's that kind of thinking that's scary and still doesn't tell the whole story.

The greater risks may be those events that are brewing around you, waiting to be noticed or ready to make themselves known, but only after things have already gotten out of control.

Scared now? Well, don’t be because you didn’t find us because you’re one of those people. You landed here because you’re one of the good guys and maybe, just maybe, even a super hero.

Continuity management is not just good business... it's SMART business.

Arlene at ContinuityWorks began contributing value to my tech startup from the minute we exchanged our first ‘Hello’.

She is a driven analyzer and quickly began gathering information about what my idea is, how it functions, and what I wanted to achieve.

She provided me with much needed and welcomed insight paired with real, actionable advice to move my venture forward intelligently. Arlene constantly keeps the ‘big picture’ in mind.

For me, this meant identifying whether my idea was a product or a service, what industry it fell into, and how my idea would fit more broadly into that industry. Arlene is tough, smart, efficient, and supportive.

Geoffrey Dargan
Engineer, Developer, Entrepreneur

And you know it.

You’re ahead of the game. You know or have found out the hard way that you need business continuity plans, or an in-house business continuity program. 

You have a people-first attitude. And understand the value of being and staying around for those who rely upon you for their livelihood, products, and services.

It’s all good, right?

But, let’s face it: You’re also a little worried… and more than a little overwhelmed by the very idea.

Maybe you’re a business leader or owner considering BCM for your company, or a person tasked with BCM responsibilities. 

Maybe you are involved in a BCM Program that’s gone astray or has lapsed. 

Maybe you have taken a BC course or two, attended a conference, watched some webinars, or browsed the Web scouring for practical how-to advice. 

Or perhaps you feel you have a pretty solid understanding of what’s involved in building a business continuity program and writing good plans.

But the big question remains— 

How do I make IT happen HERE?
In a reasonable amount of time?
At an affordable price?
And in the most efficient way possible for my business?

Making SEnse OF Your
Continuity management solution

Spoiler alert: There is no one-size-fits-all BCM Program or Plan. 

The “right” business continuity program is one that targets the risks specific to your business, and can be implemented and maintained for a price that you are willing to afford. Period. 

Decisions about time, resources, and expense grow organically as you discover your requirements, and decide where to draw the line about how much and what you are unwilling to risk.

Solutions vary in size, scope, and complexity, depending on your goals and preferences. As they like to say in the biz, ‘it ain’t rocket science’. 

But it is a venture that’s not to be taken lightly or underestimated for the value that it can bring to daily operations and your bottom line.

I found Arlene to be one of the most complete business professionals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her skill level with organizational behavior & management, program management, training and communications are outstanding. Arlene’s mastery of business continuity concepts and how to apply them were clearly demonstrated. Arlene has a broad level of experience with many different companies and industries that she calls upon to provide a plethora of possibilities, as well as empathy when approaching a challenge. Best of all she has a wonderful sense of humor that she uses liberally making it a pleasure to work with her.

Ben Sanders
Senior IT Auditor and Consultant, CPA
Working with Arlene Silva on multiple projects, we were able to quickly cut through the organizational structure and identify the most knowledgeable individuals for the project at hand. Arlene’s industry knowledge and insightful approach were well received by everyone that worked on our projects. This enabled us to develop meaningful analyses and ensured that the results were appropriately vetted and received by C level management.

Without Arlene’s keen ability to maintain the vision and push the projects through, we could have easily been stalled and never reached our goals.

Susan Stein
Susan Stein Consulting

START NOW TO BRIDGE THE uncertainty gap

Trial and error can drain resources, money, and energy that could be well spent elsewhere.

There's that stomach-dropping feeling that you get when you guess at the potential enormity of the task. Or when trying to figure out how and in what order to tackle everything that you’ve been told you should be doing. Why be frustrated and stressed?

Isn’t it better to be sure?

ContinuityWorks serves as a resource for individuals and groups seeking help with: 

  • Real time Business Continuity Program concept to implementation guidance and support.
  • The functional and real life challenges of sustaining a business continuity initiative over time.
  • Analysis activities to identify risks and potential negative impacts for interruptions to your most critical business processes… the ones that really matter.
  • Practical approaches to dealing with objections, lack of engagement, and resistance, which are a real drag.
  • Strategies to help grow a reality-based culture of engagement and preparedness.
  • One-on-one mentoring for BC personnel who want a tour guide and advisor as they walk through the program development and planning process.
I could not have hoped for any better services than those offered by Continuity Works. Arlene guided me through all the complexities of getting a children’s picture book published. She was with me 100% in her enthusiasm for the work and her positive approach pulled me through times of self-doubt. She is highly skilled, efficient, always available by email or phone and schedules regular meetings that provide direction and information on the next steps to be taken. I don’t think I would have pursued publication of my book without her assistance. I highly recommend Continuity Works.

Liz LeServiget
Writer / Artist / Sculptor